People call it one sided love, but i call it emotional numbness where one became numb to the sensation of other and other became numb to the sensation of everyone.


 With every puff of smoke                        Part of you burns with me                    With every drop of blood                      Your love flows out of me.                  With every tear that i cry                        all your memory fades away.              Soon i’ll be empty                                with nothing inside.

                But with every breathe
        I feel you somehere inside me.


It was a one day story!

U asked my name, I played a game

to put out the burning flame.

I mistook you for the light.

Now, finding solace 

in the peace of night.

Smoked all day 

till it had torn a scar into my face.

Asked for a little stay

as I watched you stealing my heart


But ah! you came 

And left again

without even announcing our fate.

This is when I learnt to wait.

Soon, you realised your mistake

Stopped the ache

Baby, now i feel so awake

i can sense every breathe you take.
The emptiness that once consumed me

Is now replaced by your presence.

Finding peace in your existence

With no distance between us.

No one can separate us now

as you make a vow 

to be mine for ever.

All she wanted…


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All her life she had lived in captivity

Trying to get sense of her identity

Called by diff names,

Touched by filthy hands,

Ogled every now and then 

In a world of men.

Made her wary about her own existence 

Feeling trapped ? She questioned herself

What is that made her different 

Caged her to the burden of her self 

Hiding behind the bars of chains

Looked confused and scared

One day,  she chose to live the other way 

Every thursday night she spent in citylight

She sat, she sat with an open wide leg.

She moved, she moved every bit of her.

She wore,  she wore a glittery dress.

She laughed, she laughed without care.

She travelled, she travelled without fear.

But it was not too long 

before she caught up in someone’s glare

They stared, she looked,  no one moved

They followed, she ran, no one helped

She raised her voice to make them run

They pulled her pant to break her down

Left her broken, making no sound

Darknes came all over her around

She is no longer clean, no longer serene

all she wanted to scream. 

She lost her pride, her right, her fight

Found no one on her side.

Asking other not to grieve as she is free.

She can fly, smile, and shine

In a world devoid of lies.

People say it was her fault 

She wore skirt so they called slut

She needs another life to prove her point

to show those pigs their real crime

It was not her bloody mistake

it was you who played wicked

it was us who didn’t care

She was gone before you knew

She was gone the day she bloomed

She didn’t ask for material things

all she wanted to break those strings.